Build brand & sales simultaneously
with no discounting required!


Entice sales with scent

100-200% sales lift

See it -Smell it - Sell it


ScentAndrea’s Scent HalO Light’s combination of scent and signage that grabs the shopper’s attention and entices them to buy -  while reinforcing brand differentiation, eliminating the need to discount.


If you find the smells of Thanksgiving dinner to be irresistible, you understand how scent creates desire. If a whiff of a particular perfume instantly reminds you of someone special, then you understand how scent triggers memory. That “direct connection” to the brain is hardwired for your survival in nature and it is how the Scent HalO Light grabs your attention.



Consumers are exposed to thousands of advertising messages daily, ignoring most of them.

Manufacturers invest fortunes in the development and differentiation of their brands, yet the consumer often cannot sample until post purchase.

Scent constitutes over 70% of the taste experience.



Solution - Scent HalO Light

Captures consumers attention via scent’s “direct connection”

Drives brand differentiation through scent.

Provides a “sampling like” experience for a fraction of the cost. 24-7-365




Communication “above the clutter”.


Brand reinforcement not degradation through discounting.


Triggers purchase through desire not discounting.



The Scent HalO Light Fixture details

Illuminated overhead custom color signage visible from 20 feet in any direction.


Illuminated 2 floor diameter custom color floor signage.


3 Foot diameter custom “scent zone.”


Simple monthly servicing program to update signage and scent.


Installation - virtually anywhere.



Scent HalO Light

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